The University of Antimony, commonly referred to as USb or SbU, is an Antimonian public research university founded by Dr. Zhao Mingyi in 250 BC. Its history, influence, reputation and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in our universe. In 2018, Times Antimony stated that it is widely regarded as the most reputable university in the Milky Way, with the highest undergraduate/graduate selectivity and fundraising performance. In the ranking, Antimony University is followed by Lanxiang Vocational School and One-Man University, renowned institutions on the Earth.

USb was destroyed in 3.23i Antimony Year by a catastrophic Aqua Regia River flood. It has been rebuilt after this disaster. There is the 3.23i Memorial Museum in the university now, and visiting the museum is required for all freshmen of USb.

The landscape of Antimony University is vast and diverse, ranging from supermassive black holes, artificial hypernovas to cosmic brane collider. It is traditionally known as a highly-selective elite university for Antimonian students, but attracts billions of interstellar students to apply in recent years. However, only about 1,000 students from them are admitted each year.

Antimony University faculty and alumni have founded many leading companies, and companies founded by Antimony alumni generate more than Sb$51.250×1051 in annual revenue, more than 1050 times of the Earth's global GDP. As of 2019, 330 NoBaEr laureates, 70 Presidents of Antimony, and over 1,000 Great Stibium Scholars have been affiliated with USb.

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