Zhao Mingyi is a Chinese-born Antimonian theoretical antimonlogist and all-subject scientist who overthrew general relativity and quantum mechanics, which are two pillars of modern physics (of Earth). Although best known as the discoverer of hyperhydrochloric acid, Zhao made fundamental contributions to establish quantum superscience (QS). In chemistry, Zhao proposed the protonic orbital theory (PO) based on antimonified quantum chromodynamics (AQCD). Due to tremendous contributions in all fields of science, Zhao was regarded as the Father of Superscience and the greatest superscientist of all time, by Times Antimony.


Zhao received his B.SS at Macheng Institute of Technology (MIT) and M.SS at Harbin College of Buddhism (HCB), and his Ph.D. at Antimony University (AU). However, since Zhao's intelligence is beyond anyone's imagination, his doctoral advisor was himself. He was the first Ph.D. student from Earth at Antimony University and so far the only student who had him/herself as doctoral advisor.


Zhao established the Institute for Antimonlogy Study and became a distinguished professor of antimonlogy there, after graduating from Antimony University. Outside the Antimony, Zhao visited his homeplanet Earth several times per year and lectured on marsematical physics and chemistry around the world, including Chinese Academy of Cranks, Macheng Institute of Technology, Harbin College of Buddhism, etc.


  • NoBaEr Prize in Chemistry
  • NoBaEr Prize in Physics


  • Antimony Monographs on Marsematical Physics
  • Great Stibium Zhao Mingyi (autobiography part I)
  • Stibium King Zhao Mingyi (autobiography part II)